Worlds Longest Rifle Shot

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Paul Phillips has forged tremendous success in his 25 years as a competitive marksman. But what he and his 13-member team did less than one year ago is unprecedented in the history of rifle shooting.

Phillips has amassed 47 national records, 14 national championships, three U.S. Team gold medals and one individual gold medal at the world championships, three “King of 2-Mile” championships, an International Distinguished Shooting Medal, and a Congressional Medal for lifetime achievements in shooting.

But his biggest accomplishment took place away from the competitive arena. Last September, he led a team that executed a four-mile shot, the longest documented rifle shot to hit a target in the history of mankind, in a desert area in the western United States.

“It’s considered an exhibition shot; there’s not a competition for it,” Phillips explained. “We were just out testing and evaluating to learn how to shoot (from) extreme long-range better, and in doing so, we hit these plates at 3.4 miles and four miles. I love things like this, totally amazing how he could do this! I can’t even see that far, great shot man love sharing your success!