Advantage of Night Vision Goggles

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Night Vision Goggles:

Quality Night Hawk Visions definition of night vision goggles are a device that allows both eye viewing, has no magnification, and can be head mounted. The great thing about these types of devices is that they feel very natural when wearing them and there is very little learning curve to get used to them. There are two types of goggles; a two eye-piece that views through a single image tube and a two eye-piece that views through dual image tubes, also known as stereo-vision. Like are goggle is a great navigation device in that you can walk and even drive slowly – not recommended but has been done on more than a few occasions. Dual tube goggles offer “stereo vision” meaning each eye sees it’s own slightly different image rather than the same image being shared with both eyes. This stereo-vision gives the dual tube goggles even better depth perception allowing for improved navigation ability. The down side of a goggle is more weight and less versatility than a quality monocular. Goggles tend to give a bit better depth perception than a monocular and a dual tube goggle gives even better depth perception than a single tube goggle because each eye sees a slightly different image which allows for better judgment of distances. This better depth perception does help with navigation, weather you are walking through a field or navigating your boat around the rocks, it will help. The disadvantage is increased size and weight and less versatility. When wearing a goggle in a head mounted position the extra weight tends to cause the unit to ride down below your eyes when walking, and you’ll tend to get more tired with the extra weight as well. Goggles do not have the option to be mounted on rifles or adapted to rifle scopes and camera adaptation is limited also. Find more information about night vision goggles at, we all about enjoying the great out doors with quality night night vision goggles. Making outdoor life something to experience whether day or night it is all about nature, family and most of fun!

Night Vision Monocular